20 Color Scheme Generators for Web and Graphic Designers

posted on May 20th 2011 in Design Biz & Tech Newz with 0 Comments

Here’s a fact: Colors can make or break your design by either making your audience want to stick around or look away. Well-chosen color combinations help designs catch attention more while the less planned ones do the opposite. In fact, there are colors that work so bad together that they could literally hurt the eyes when you stare or would hinder you from understanding the accompanying texts or images. On the other hand, great color combinations don’t just help catch people’s attention; they help sustain interest as well.

However, even the best designers could run out of ideas sometimes. Good news is, there exists many color scheme generators that will help even the most uninspired to choose what colors to use. has listed 20 online tools to help you out. Check them individually and see which software will help you in specific design-related tasks.

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