The Genius Within

posted on February 25th 2012 in Observations & Tech Newz with 0 Comments

I honestly was not not a big fan of the EAT,PRAY, LOVE movement that swept through the community a bit ago, but Elizabeth Gilbert is definitely profound and insightful. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down. I promise you’ll learn something wonderful.

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Quid Pro Go

posted on December 16th 2011 in Font Addiction with 0 Comments

Welcome, December, month of cold and snow and multiple extended holidays! Here’s a cool collection of yuletide joy for my fellow font freaks.

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The Hairy Type

posted on December 14th 2011 in Font Addiction with 0 Comments

To mark the month of ‘Movember’, The Bare Hair Bunch have set up a Movember-themed Lorem Ipsum website. The Hairy Lipsum Generator generates random mustache-related text for charity donations. Users may choose between ‘paragraphs’ and ‘hairy tidbits’ for hairy lorem ipsum filler text.

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