Student Label Project 2011

posted on March 1st 2011 in Student Work with 0 Comments

I liked this assignment. The students had to come up with 2 different label designs, fill the contents of each bottle with a  substance that wouldn’t spoil. Some of them are nothing more than tiny rocks, leaves, and tap water. Some have watercolor and oils. Others are filled with stuff from Home Depot’s gardening department.

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Flipping the Script

posted on February 27th 2011 in Font Addiction with 0 Comments

Here is a collection of 10 of the hottest (in my opinion) new script fonts from 2010. Many of them a big sellers, some aren’t. Anyway, being a font freak, I’m allowed to be my own judge and jury. Let’s check it out!

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Get the tech outta my courtroom!

posted on February 16th 2010 in Observations & Tech Newz with 0 Comments

Judges are going to take a dimmer view of jury member use of Blackberry, iPhone or other electronic devices as a judicial policy-setting group has told district judges they should restrict jurors from using electronic technologies to research or communicate.

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