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Here is a collection of 10 of the hottest (in my opinion) new script fonts from 2010. Many of them a big sellers, some aren’t. Anyway, being a font freak, I’m allowed to be my own judge and jury. Let’s check it out!


Pepita is one of my faves. It’s a flexible and easy to use connected script. Pepita has plenty to offer: a selection of 72 ornaments and plenty of ligatures and alternate characters: try turning on Contextual Alternates, Swash or Stylistic Alternates in any Opentype savvy program or manually choose the characters from the glyph palette. For best results combine all 3 weights of the font.


Legendaria is a very sophisticated and elegant connected script font. Its more than 1300 ornamented characters make it incredibly versatile.
Most lower case letters have at least 15 different options, including tails and flourishes. For Open Type users “Legendaria OT” is the best choice. For more artistic and creative users, there is a wide range of possibilities using the complementary Legendaria ornamental family.


Mulberry Road is a cool script font designed by Jonahfonts. This casual style comes in 4 weights and is sure to be a favorite for packaging products.


Lovers is a romantic, elegant handwritten calligraphic script, with well over 300 additional characters, including standard and discretionary ligatures, swashes and stylistic alternatives. Use of its extensive OpenType features enable the designer to create text that constantly changes, giving the impression of genuine handwriting, but handwriting that has all the flair and styling of hand-done calligraphy produced towards the end of the twentieth century.


Waterfall is beautiful typeface created by Font Designer Rob Leuschke. He has been creating lettering and typographic designs for the social expression industry since 1983. Now, his foundry, TypeSETit offers Rob’s unique and highly stylized font design creations to the world.


Calgary Script was mostly inspired by a brush script on a Welcome To Calgary sign in Calgary. The overall effect of the font is similar to something that Fonzied itself, big hair and leather jackets and all, out of the early 1980s, but the feeling really dates back to a few decades earlier. Heady caps and free-flowing lowercase make for a speedy, determined, and instinctively organized buffalo herd of a typeface. This is a packaging font with a true supermarket sign spin, with OpenType features including ligatures, alternates, and ordinals specifically made to follow numbers.


Beppo is a bold upright casual script with a condensed character width and a full palette of ordindals, small caps, and diacritics. Beppo flavors things up with old style figures and quirky, contextual alternate connections. Legible, compact and just plain purdy!


Groucho is a very high-contrast script. Guess who’s named after? Okay that was too easy. The designer says he was inspired by Groucho Marx’ mustache.


Moonlight Shadow is one of those weird, but surprisingly versatile fonts. It’s perfect for a eerie layout as well as a goth graphic. I can’t seem to take my eyes off of it. It is curly, messy – yet elegant. All  accents included. 🙂

Jackalope LP

Jackalope is a new original script font from LetterPerfect Fonts. The design is a hybrid of pressure-pen calligraphy infused with whimsy and curlicue terminals. Letterforms are free-spirited and edges are rough, simulating spontaneous writing on rough paper. In addition to the full ANSI western character set, Jackalope includes a full set of small capitals, both lining and old-style numbers, and swash lowercase alternate characters that can be used as terminal letters at the ends of words for additional flourish.

I’ll be adding more fonts as time goes by. Stay tuned for links to the latest stuff.

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