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Much of design critique is focused on photography and other graphics. It’s time to shed light on the most basic element of communication: the type. At Fonts In Use they catalog and examine real-world typography wherever it appears — branding, advertising, signage, packaging, publications, in print and online — with an emphasis on the typefaces used.

AnOther and AnOther Man Magazines

Gareth Hague’s inventive type families embrace the eccentric spirit of an independent publishing enterprise.


They start with a regularly updated collection of case studies and trend reports. They invite experts from various fields to comment on how type is used (and misused) in graphic design today. In earlier installments, magazine designer Marc Oxborrow has an emotional reaction to the redesign of Bloomberg Businessweek, the Font Bureau’s Sam Berlow notices that the type specimen has become a design genre, FIU pointed to how some recent projects in which type — and especially typeface selection — played a central role, and instructor and historian Indra Kupferschmid reminded us that the real Bauhaus wasn’t all geometric and experimental letterforms.

The Chop Shop

Ptarmak designed an identity so appealing, someone should launch a meat market just to adopt it. Ptarmak designed an identity so appealing, someone should launch a meat market just to adopt it. Here’s a link to the post.


As you can see, it’s solid read for real typophiles. Go see what they’ve been up to recently. Check out the video below being highlighted in the article “Education First – Live the Language: Paris”, then hit the website HERE.

EF – Live The Language – Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo.

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  • Mats

    commented on September 13, 2011 at 6:45 am

    Hello Sam!
    My name is Mats and I work at EF – we were lucky to get to work with Albin Holmquist and the creative team from Camp David Film who made the “Live the language” films for us. Did you see that this weekend we posted 3 more films in the same series, from Sydney, Vancouver and Los Angeles? They were produced by the same creative team and again have lots of focus on typograhy. Check them out at http://www.ef.com/livethelanguage – or if you prefer Vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/groups/livethelanguage/videos


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