Hero for Hire



Not only do I teach and train, I also design. I’m constantly looking for new opportunities to create magic. If you’re interested, and I’m available, let’s work on a project together. Looking for  visual identity graphics? Need a new website that meets the new mobile technologies? We need to talk.

Mad Skills

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Fireworks

I write in the following languages:

coding in HTML
developing in PHP
coding in CSS
writing in MySQL
behaviors in Javascript
drinking good Coffee



Website Design and Development


Need someone to create a website for your business? How about me? Now I know you’re concerned about cost. You’re not alone. Most of my clients bring up cost in the second sentence. Although I can’t accurately predict the final cost of your site, I can pit you in the stdium. If you’re working on a budget for a site design, use my simple Estimator to get your funds in order.

Designosts are always based on skill and expertise of the lead designer. You should always note whether you’re dealing with a student, or a large agency, the cost will always be about skill and speed. No price is ever guaranteed, but it helps to start with a realistic estimate. Give it a whirl!

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