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Diann Valentine Online Store

developed for Diann Valentine

Through the services of Jambalaya Media Group, I was given the opportunity to redesign the store site of internationally acclaimed wedding, event and interior designer Diann Valentine.

The site was drastically outdated using non-compliant code, as well as no responsive functions for mobile devices. With the help of my JMG colleagues, we were able to successfully launch the new site in July. The design was migrated to a CMS site structure, allowing the client to access the administrative area with minimal coding experience. The result was a seamless interface that the client learned in one day.

Another site was also created to promote a contest. That link can be seen HERE.

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  • Client - Diann Valentine
  • Date Completed - July 18, 2014
  • Skills/Tools Used - Branding, Responsive Design, Wordpress, CSS, jQuery
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