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How to Suck at Powerpoint

posted on December 3rd 2009 in Design Biz & TOOTS with 0 Comments

I’ve discovered that without design discipline, A PPT file can be a recipe for disaster. Nothing kills a buzz like a poorly designed slide with too much crap in it. To help a fellow colleague, I’ve posted some info that may help “would-be speakers” avoid the common pitfalls of a slideshow that sucks.

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Using the @font-face tag

posted on August 1st 2009 in CSS Planeteers with 0 Comments

Almost every “structural limit” in web design has been conquered with CSS and Javascript. The final, lingering pet peeve I held on to was web fonts. There was no flexibility allowed outside of the standard browser fonts. The @font-face tag has changed that. However, it doesn’t arrive without an odor of controversy.

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