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Here’s a feel good experience of working with a client that trusts their creative partners.

From Garage to Greatness launched in 1997 as a home-based business. Founder and Chief Executive Officer John Gay recalls fondly that the home belonged to his mother and his first client was his godmother. Yet, he embraced the humble beginnings, attuned his business to the needs of his clients and within a decade grew from an office in a garage to a multiple location enterprise. From one office in Miami Gardens, Florida to various offices throughout South Florida and branches in Atlanta and New York, this company continues to shatter molds. It is with that same zeal, drive and belief in the power of vision that Gay steers

Through the services of Armstrong Creative, I was fortunate enough to get a chance to work on John visual identity. Keeping his admiration for his alma mater Howard University, he insisted on maintaining a bison in his logo. We oblidged, and responded in kind. See the final solution here:

John and the company were open to a stronger print presence. So along with a cooperative television campaign, they looked to us for print ads to draw in new clients. The goal was to touch on the consumer base who were beyond confused, and fed up with the changing tax laws and structures. Promoting their trademark personal service, we tapped into that need and responded by merely using the 3 biggest complaints we got from the base. The result was three ads that eventually became trademark posters in all the office lobbies. Here are the 3 ads below. What do you think?

Here are few words from the CEO on ACC’s services:

Armstrong Creative Consulting, Inc., has become “the agency” of choice for us to market and promote our 9 locations, we are very pleased with their performance and have proudly referred them to several clients. The ACC staff possesses great people skills and is very consciences about their work. They have provided excellent customer service. Above all, I certainly appreciate the knowledge and foresight displayed time and time again. The company’s dedication to their craft and customers has lead to a vast number effective and efficient marketing and budgetary strategies that have proven to be a perfect fit for our organization now and in the years to come. You cannot put a price on Armstrong Creative’s superior level of professionalism and quality of service.

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