Low Budget Strategies

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This cartoon follows this theme of the Marketing Strategy post a couple weeks ago. Jennifer Nelson shared a comment on that post that struck a particular chord with me: “If you can’t invest the time in developing and aligning on a good brief, why should your company invest (potentially) millions of dollars in A&P to execute it?”

In marketing planning, we focus carefully on ROI calculations based on previous campaign results. X media spend = Y volume lift. Yet creativity is the more overlooked part of the equation. The actual creative briefs are often given significantly less attention.

Denny Haley, retired BBDO chief creative officer, put it this way: “Creativity is a force multiplier, the better the work, the higher return on your investment.”

This idea of creativity as force multiplier is particularly important in today’s social media world. But you will rarely find it on a marketing planning spreadsheet. In practice, the process of creating a campaign is like the Mark Twain quote about laws and sausage: it’s better not to watch them being made.

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