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Maggie’s Site

developed for D'Joint Training: PHP/MySQL

In order to teach a course in PHP with Dreamweaver, I created a fictional website based on my family’s bakery. The lesson, in multiple parts, was designed to explain the coding process in detail. All students felt it was one of the easiest classes they’d taken. So thorough in it’s description, that no textbook was required. The graphics are all original and created by me. The images are provided courtesy of Creative Commons.

Creating the logo was fun, as I went through various concepts involving baking and dessert design. But the logo had to be clean and to-the-point. Here are some of my sketches.


I eventually decided that the cake slice worked best. Even though it wasn’t a cupcake, it still represents a universal icon of eating cake. Embedding the “M” in the slice itself, really sells the logo.


As the course progress the students were required to complete an entire website with nothing more than a prewritten CSS file and a folder full of pictures. here are what the final pages would look like:


02maggie-about 03maggie-goodies 04maggie-razzle 05maggie-contactOther pages not shown here in a full-blown ADMIN section requiring the creation of  a password protected login, and pages for editing as well as adding inventory to the bakery. It was a LOT of fun writing it.

  • Client - D'Joint Training: PHP/MySQL
  • Date Completed - December 2013
  • Skills/Tools Used - CSSEdit, Espresso, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, phpMyadmin