The "Just Type" League

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If this is your impression of an extraordinary league, then look elsewhere.

But if typography is you thing, you want to become a member of the League of Moveable Type. The League is the result of the open source movements, clamoring for better font selections for websites. The @font-face tag was just the beginning. As of today, no artist lives a settle-for life online.

The site is populated with some of the best fonts available online. Crisp, useful and well designed , LMT is your new best friend. Check out a few of their current fonts:

Here’s a snippet of their Manifesto:

We are the founders of The League. As designers on the web, we have a calling to raise the standards of the web-design world. We’re not the only ones who value good design, and it’s time for the web world to catch up with it. We understand the challenges that comes with the internet, but with our discovery a few years ago of @font-face, we started getting excited. For those who aren’t up to speed, @font-face is a fairly new addition to web styling, letting a designer specify the location of their own font files. Instead of having to design with just a handful of web-friendly fonts, we’ll be able to use any typeface we desire. Well, that’s our vision, anyway.

Oh. Did I mention the fonts were free? They’re free. But don’t be selfish. It’s all about the greater good. Click HERE and join today.

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