How I Did it: Wedding Viz

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Designing wedding invitations are usually cut and dry, but every once in a while, you find a couple who are open to thinking “creatively” out side of the box.

Jeremy and Nicole were looking for a visual identity package for their wedding print materials, and were open to unique concepts and original ideas. Frustrated with the typical stylish products and their lack of originality, they reached out to me for something different. I was up to the challenge.

Not knowing if they were completely open, I started with a few conservative options with one foot in the Unique pool.


After getting some feedback, I discovered they wanted a solution that spoke to them culturally as well as romantically. I realized that both of them were products of the “texting” generation. Send abbreviated messages throughout their teenage years was considered the norm of communicating. I decided to tap into this. I presented a variation on their names that mingled with a texting quote:

They loved the concept. Next it was up to choosing colors. I gave them a wide variety.

In the end, they decided to reintroduce the formal feel by using two metallic inks: silver and gold. These colors boosted the playful solution up to sophisticated formal status, while maintaining the link to their personal past.

Once approved, the design spread throughout the visual identity in the following products:

Here are some reflection comments from the happy couple about their design:

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